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Coaching with Facial Intelligence

13 years ago I found myself sitting across from clients I had a deep desire to help. We would work through the processes I had learned in my coach training and week after week, they would come back to me still having the same problems.

I found myself asking if coaching really worked or was I missing something... something I should see but the clients weren't able to articulate in words. That's when I found traditional face reading and everything changed for me and my clients and the journey to the development of Facial Intelligence™ began...

I soon realized that by sharing with a client what their face was telling me and what it was trying to tell them, everything in their life could change for the better. 

For one amazing client, all it took was knowing what her nose represented about her view of the world, and things just clicked. Armed with that knowledge she went on to start her own business, find the love of her life, write a best selling book and become mom to a beautiful child. 

This is the power of this work. This is what our journey together could possibly hold for you. Let's talk about what your reflection wants you to know. 

If you are a coach or are being called to become a coach, the Facial Intelligence tool is the most effective transformational tool you can have in your toolbox. The results you get when you use Facial Intelligence to help another change their lives are astonishing and so rewarding. You can do this for yourself and others now as we have our newly designed Facial Intelligence Practitioner Coach Certification. To learn more, book a connection call with me today


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