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Every face tells a story - here is my story about becoming a Facial Intelligence Expert...

My Story

13 years ago, I found myself sitting across from clients I had a deep desire to help. We would work through the processes I had learned in my coach training and week after week, they would come back to me still having the same problems. I found myself asking if coaching really worked or was I missing something... something I should see but the clients weren't able to articulate in words. 

That's when I found traditional face reading, and everything changed for me and my clients and the journey to the development of Facial Intelligence™ began...

For two years, I studied with a mentor who taught me the nuances of Chinese Face Reading and Five Elements Theory. As I moved through this new world of understanding, I began to see the need to connect this ancient knowledge with modern day communication strategies, language use – both verbal and non-verbal – as well as self awareness and self-healing modalities.

This journey allowed me to incorporate my degree in Linguistics and my Master Coach training to create the Facial Intelligence™ Body of Work.
Facial Intelligence™ goes beyond body language to show you how to know you, know others and know how to do anything from improve a relationship to make more sales in your business to heal childhood wounds.
Facial Intelligence™ has helped me in my own life as I navigated a difficult divorce. I was able to use the tools I had to select the best support team for my needs and reinvent the way my ex-husband and I communicated in our new roles as separated co-parents.
Facial Intelligence™ has helped me to see each of my children on an individual basis to support them through their varying learning journeys in school, their individual needs through grief when they tragically lost their father and in their own relationship journey when they became ready to find partners to share their life experiences with.
Facial Intelligence™ has allowed me to take one look at a client’s nose and change her self-image and life results for good by the knowing of who she was designed to be and what her reflection was telling her in the mirror every day.
Facial Intelligence™ has allowed me to help others improve their business results and their client experiences by teaching them how to align their offerings, messaging and client support with their own innate design as seen in their own faces and those of their clients.
This is the most powerful people tool anyone can have, and I am honoured to share it with you.

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