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If only Bieber knew this...

Jun 23, 2022
If only Bieber knew this...

Justin Bieber recently shared with fans why he canceled appearances along his current concert tour. He told them that he was suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and the result was that part of his face is paralyzed.

You know as a Facial Intelligence Expert, I have some insights into this for you.

This isn’t the first time that Justin has canceled shows due to illness, albeit this time it is actually because of something happening with his face.

If Justin Bieber knew what his face said, then perhaps he would approach concert tours differently.

Here’s what he doesn’t know. Justin’s face and birthdate energetics are highly Royal which means he is very sensitive to environmental energy. He is also a Captivator so he's very empathic. Concerts where he is the sole point of attention would typically send him into ongoing states of energetic overwhelm as someone who is so Royal in nature.

Royals very often manifest their overwhelm in their skin, lungs and with anxiety which leads to exhaustion and physical vulnerability. Each time that Justin Bieber decides to do a concert tour, he creates the perfect storm for his system to become overloaded by his environmental sensitivity.

This time, the paralysis of the left side of his face shows how his personal life is being affected by his public vulnerability.

If he knew what his face said about his sensitive nature then perhaps he could plan his public appearances more strategically… to better support his unique design rather than exploit it.

By knowing how he uniquely interacts with his world, he might not necessarily be able to alleviate all of his sensitivity but he definitely could ease the overwhelm.

Just what solutions a Royal needs to alleviate energetic overwhelm are the kinds of things I share in the Facial Intelligence Academy.

Facial Intelligence is such a beautiful tool for understanding ourselves and others. Can you imagine being armed with these types of insights yourself? How might you do things differently? Can you imagine being able to arm your clients or your loved ones with these insights? How might you assist them in creating more ease or success in their lives?

Join me for the Facial Intelligence Academy and you can begin your own insightful journey.

To learn more about enrolment and if this is a good fit for you, connect with me here.




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