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Amber Heard / Johnny Depp Trial Insights - Noses Part 1

Jun 09, 2022
Amber Heard/Johnny Depp Trial Insights - Noses Part 1

One of the most interesting things to come out of the Johnny and Amber trial, was all of the body language experts weighing in and reading every facial and body movement and gesture of these two people.

What I found most fascinating and what makes the world of Facial Intelligence so profoundly interesting and transformative is the way it makes sense of the underlying intention, connection to life experience and innate personality programming that is unique to the individual. This is something conventional body language just does not address. Thus, Facial Intelligence’s applications are vastly far reaching in the world of business, sales, relationships, and human connection.

Let me explain with the example shown. All the experts agree that when Amber rubs the bottom of her nose when answering questions pertaining to the abuse she suffered, she is being deceptive or not truthful.

Now, those experts speak to limbic brain activity and autonomous feelings, however if we look at the features on these faces and the energy and intentional meaning of the features, we can understand more fully why Amber’s gesture may be one of deception. The nose is a feature whose highest intention is the ideal – the big picture and all the details. It speaks to how we do our work in the world and whether or not we may be perfectionists or opportunists. Amber’s nose is one that says: “I work smarter not harder.” And the tip of the nose, in particular, speaks to one’s ability to be shrewd in detail and action.

Given her nose and the fact that she called so much attention to it by touching the underside of it often, she was signalling to us that her intention was to “work smart not hard” here. I.e., create a story that would get her the result she wanted without having to do the hard work of the grind in Hollywood to get her fame and fortune. The touching of the underside of the nose is her attempting to stay connected to the details that she recounted in a very tactile way because she is not an innately detail oriented person.

So, without even seeing her gestures, her face, in particular her nose, tells us how she operates in the world. Her nose gave us clues as to how she would endeavor to achieve results by “smarts” or cutting corners or creating sensation rather than creating the ideal plan and working every detail with precision.

This knowledge is gold because we don’t have to wait for the gestures to get an understanding of how someone will move through the world, and we can proactively approach them in ways that create harmony and mutual success rather than chaos and destruction.

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